THE FUTURA IN DETAIL. The Futura concept is built around a wide, thin and compact body. Width gives you wind range and power. The thin profile lowers the centre of gravity for added control. The Futura allows you to save energy, maintain a high average speed for miles and make sporty jibes.. Starboard started the season with 30% of customer\'s bookings while the other 70% booked established offerings. By the end of the season, the bookings changed to 70%, even up to 90% for Starboard. The Futuras\' impossible combination of maximum performance with the easiest and most stable shape made it the simple choice. 1 Star. Average Rating Over Time. Within the last month ***** (From 0 reviews) Within the last 6 months *** (From 0 reviews) Within the last 12 months * (From 0 reviews) Claim your free Review Centre Star Rating badge now! Claim your item page Take control of your reviews by setting up. your free Business Account..

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